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Tanya Malcolm

I’ve created a tribe of women who support other women in living a healthy lifestyle and successfully running their businesses. Let’s get to know each other!

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10 Years Experience Coaching Online...

… & a lifetime of personal growth as an Athlete, Maternal Health Advocate and Doula, Fitness Biz Coach and Women’s Leadership Motivational Messenger. 

I bring all of my work, life and fitness experiences to the table at Athletic Mama. 

In essence my passion is empowerment.  

I find empowerment through training to win, shifting from a personal setback to personal comeback mentality & holding space for busy mamas to integrate wellness practices into their lifestyle so that they can elevate their life!

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F I T N E S S + N U T R I T I O N + W E L L N E S S + R E C I P E S + W E I G H T L O S S

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