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Yo! I'm Tanya Malcolm

Your motivational messenger. I’m a tough love, fiercely loyal, passionate and energetic health coach & fitness biz leader. I lead a community of women who are elevating their inner athlete, alongside our health goals some of us our growing a biz surrounding fitness, community & mindset!

If you’re here to start a home workout and sustain a healthy lifestyle OR to explore how leading a fitness biz can lead you to financial freedom  – You’ve arrived!

My mission is to empower women to elevate their inner athlete! If you have a competitive spirit and identify as an athlete, my community was crafted just for YOU!

Welcome to Team Athletic Mama.


More About Me...​

I am a 41 year old mother to 3 beautiful kids, Nesta age 17, Winston age 11 and Carolina age 6. My husband Dan the man is my best friend and I couldn't do any of this without my awesome family. I'm from Toronto, moved to the U.S. when I was 10 and I grew up in upstate New York. Now I live in a small ski town in the heart of the Canadian Rockies.
I began my fitness journey on August 1, 2018. My first Beachbody program was 21 Day Fix and with the support of my coach I never looked back. That decision, the decision to say "Yes, I need this" was the catalyst that changed my life. Since then I've been consistently eating clean, practicing proper portion control and fitness accountability.

I love sports! Basketball is my favourite, and I still play in a recreation league every Thursday night. My college team is the Syracuse Orange and the Toronto Raptors have been my team since the beginning. I coach Junior High girls basketball and all my kids are very talented players. I also play soccer year round, indoor during the winter months and outdoor come spring. My soccer team travels to four tournaments a year. Much of my motivation is fuelled by a desire for my athleticism to match my competitive spirit. As I got older, I could no longer rely on youth and athleticism to carry 'me through community ball games and soccer matches. There is nothing more frustrating for an athlete than when performance is compromised by a lack of fitness.
Winners train.


I am am a community organizer and I have always thrived when I'm building communities. All of my work leading up to starting my wellness company was for non-profit organizations with impactful missions to support thriving communities. My self-employment experience as a Doula and Maternal Health Advocate was fuelled by my passion for supporting women and community building. Naturally, when the opportunity to lead my own fitness community presented itself, I did not hesitate. I truly fell in love with helping my customers elevate their inner athlete and now I also help my team of coaches build their own communities & lifestyle businesses. I am so proud to be guiding and mentoring other women to grow lifestyles and businesses that help them live out their purpose and passion. This opportunity allows us to reach success on our own terms, in the pockets of time we find to speak our truth, share our knowledge and embrace our business savvy! Where it all began….

The Athletic Mama Story

“I’m an Athlete!”

That’s what I believed. A huge piece of my identity is connected to my competitive spirit. Especially as an athlete. I come to win.

Two days before Spartan Race in July 2018 I looked up results from the year before to see what I would have to do to come top ten. TOP TEN!?

What!? Girl you haven’t even ran 5km this summer!

My team was training. Every lunch hour. I never joined. I honestly believed my athletic background and mindset was enough.

When looking for those Top Ten results I realized the enormity of what I had signed up for. I had never looked into what a Spartan Race was, or what the obstacles would demand of me.

I remember sitting on my patio drinking a pear cider, showing my family YouTube videos of Spartan.

They all laughed at me. You can’t do that without training. I think my son even said “you might die out there mom”

I put my cider down, told them to screw themselves, and went and ran 5km. Then the next evening I ran with the local running club. Then I ran Spartan.

My boy was right. The athlete in me died up on that mountain.

My body was SO dead. ☠️

The only thing that got me through that gruelling day up and down Kimberley Alpine Resort 🏔 mountain was my competitive spirit. 🙌🏾

Mindset does matter. 👏🏾

But I had lost a part of myself that day. I vowed I would never race Spartan again. But now…I think I’d like another crack at it. 🛡💯 I’m a completely different person now.

I’m an athlete. But, now I train like it. I will never go back to being the girl you see in this photo. The has-been competitor. I found the perfect solution to all my excuses not to train! I got a coach, fixed my nutrition and purchased a fitness library 💻 of training programs that whipped my athletic ass back into shape!

Do you have an athlete’s mindset? It will get you across the finish line, but you can’t win with mindset alone. Winners train. 🏆

“Change doesn’t grow from your comfort zone.”

My coach. That ‘s what she said when I told her I didn’t want to take a before photo.  I didn’t think I would ever be sharing it on social media or a website for my own business, but here we are. 

As I passed the mirror that hangs in the hallway outside my living room where I had just finished my very first workout – I heard it an inner whisper that had been dormant for years.

“You’ve got this Malcolm” 

My competitive spirit. She was awake. In this game – I was my own opponent. 

And I wanted to win. 
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